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Why You Need an Anniversary Photoshoot + 5 Creative Ideas for Your Session

January 29, 2022

anniversary photoshoot ideas


We take photos of most of life’s most significant milestones: childhood portraits, graduation, birthdays, engagements, marriage…then what? A lot of couples end up with this big gap between their next big milestone together, whether that be kids, adoption, pets, new move—anything. But those first 3-5 years together often go fairly undocumented, other than that stash of selfies and on-the-fly pictures stuffed into your iPhone albums. But what about professional photos? So much growth and life happen, even just in that first year together. You’re figuring out who you are as a couple. That often comes with an adjustment period, maybe a new home or job change. Reward yourself and document the journey by scheduling an anniversary photoshoot.

You could even make it a tradition—a special gift for the two of you each year. Life has a way of moving much faster than we realize in the moment. You deserve beautiful photos to reminisce over every chapter. Plus, you never know what’s right around the corner. It’s fun to be able to look back in hindsight and say, “Look at us then! We had no idea what adventure or milestone lie just ahead.”

If you love the idea of an anniversary photoshoot but aren’t quite sure where you do your session, here are a few fun location and theme ideas:

anniversary session ideas; anniversary photos

5 Ideas for Your Anniversary Photoshoot

1. Sharing Your Saved Wedding Cake

Some couples keep the tradition of saving some wedding cake (or the top layer of a multi-tiered cake) and sharing it on their first anniversary. I’ve heard a few couples say it still tasted great! And others say they couldn’t even make it through the first bite. Either way, the experience is cute, memorable, and sometimes even funny if freezer burn got the best of your pretty cake. (You can always order a mini anniversary cake or just make your own if you’d rather not risk it.)

Bring your dessert along to your anniversary photoshoot so we can document the moment as it unfolds. Don’t forget to pop the bubbly or bring some wine while you’re at it! Go all out with anniversary balloons. You can dress casual or semi-formal—whatever look you have in mind for the occasion. 

small wedding cake; anniversary cake

2. Anniversary Adventure Session

If you love symbolism or just have a penchant for adventure, theme your anniversary photoshoot to represent your first year together (or the first few years). For the outdoorsy couples, make it a romantic weekend getaway to Asheville or the coast, and we can take hiking, mountainside, or beach photos. Get in touch with me for some of the most naturally scenic photoshoot locations in North Carolina. 

mountain couple's portraits; roan mountain
North Carolina Couple's portrait locations

3. Boudoir Session (ladies only, please!)

Try something new, appreciate your unique beauty, and surprise your other half with a boudoir session. These are a ton of fun, and I promise to guide you and help you feel at ease the whole time. Plus, I can help you choose pieces that represent your style and personality, and you feel comfortable in. Trust me! These sessions are so worth it. Many ladies come in intending to give their partner an unexpected gift, only to surprise themselves with how much they enjoy it and how empowered and beautiful they feel during and after the session. Contact me here for more info on boudoir sessions.

anniversary boudoir photos

4. At Home Anniversary Photoshoot

Lifestyle sessions are simultaneously intimate and cozy yet timeless and gorgeous. Capture the beauty of everyday life and your easy, relaxed relationship. In-home sessions are a great way to capture the authentic connection between you two. These are lovely for maternity, newborn, and family sessions as well!

anniversary photo ideas
home anniversary session

5. Vow Renewal (for milestone anniversaries)

These will always make me cry happy tears. Some couples dress in their wedding attire and use a small bridal bouquet to exchange heartfelt vows after years have passed. Others prefer to keep it low-key and casual. When life throws curveballs your way or after going through challenging times together, capture the renewed bond between you as you’ve grown stronger than ever over the years. You’ll love seeing just how far you’ve come since the first time you said, “I do.” You can even have the kids participate (and bring those tissues!)

vow renewal with kids

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Dawn started her career in fine art wedding photography in 2012 on the foundation of genuine connection. She provides comfort for her clients through her down to earth personality and playfulness that allows them to show genuine interactions and emotions with one another in front of the camera. Capturing the essence of their relationship and the love they have for each other, with an editorial composition.

At home, Dawn is a wife and mother, living on a ranch in North Carolina. Spending quality time with family and dear friends, traveling, and having experiences is what drives her. Her family also fosters children and is active in fighting for all foster kids and their needs. 
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