Pros & Cons for Having a First Look

July 1, 2019

pros cons having first look


To have a first look or to not have a first look…that’s always a question I get from my brides. So lets chat about the pros and cons to get you ready to make that decision!

PROS to a First Look:

  • You don’t have a full hour during cocktail hour, or you want to attend your cocktail hour. If this is the case then a you might not have enough time get all the photos taken that you want. Consider this, if you don’t want a first look then that leaves cocktail hour for family photos immediately after the ceremony (15 minutes for immediate family only), 15 minutes for group bridal party photos, and then only 30 minutes at most for photos with the two of you. That’s a pretty tight, but totally do-able timeline, it just doesn’t leave room for much else.
  • You or your partner is shy or you really just prefer to have a moment with just the two of you before the wedding. I make this moment totally special for you both and shoot with lenses that allow us to give you some space to see each other for the first time in your wedding attire and to hug, kiss, say a prayer, or whatever you might want to spend those moments doing!
  • Being flexible. Sometimes we don’t plan on a first look but the weather is showing a thunderstorm during portrait time and you really want your photos outside (lighting is WAY better!) or there is just terrible lighting inside. Flexibility, if time allows, in these situations can allow me to get you outside and into great scenery and light for some photos before Mother Nature breaks loose!

CONS to a First Look:

  • I mean do I even need to say it… Man Tears when you’re coming down the aisle!!! Or the grin of pure joy your man has when he sees you walking towards him to be his wife. So Good!!
  • A first look would mostly likely happen around mid-day and a high sun doesn’t always make for great portrait light (you know you love those sunset, golden burst photos!). Fret not, I’ll find good spots and we will make it all beautiful but be ready for me to ask if we can add 10-15 minutes into the timeline at sunset for me to steal you away! 😉

Either way, you wont make a wrong choice! I’m also here for you through the process and we will work on a photography timeline together to be sure you get everything you want.

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At home, Dawn is a wife and mother, living on a ranch in North Carolina. Spending quality time with family and dear friends, traveling, and having experiences is what drives her. Her family also fosters children and is active in fighting for all foster kids and their needs. 
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