You and I have a lot in common,

I know the desire to find someone you trust to make everything leading up to the wedding simple and enjoyable and know they will  

I started my career over a 10 years ago, after my own wedding, knowing that I wanted to give my clients the gift of being able to relive the story of their day through beautiful imagery. I wanted them to have a tailored experience through the process of as much help as they and their team needed, professionalism and comfort in knowing they would be well taken care of with the result of stunning photographs that helped them relive their wedding day over and over again for all their years, and the generations to come. 

tell the story of your
wedding celebration.

dawn walsh

Dawn started her career in fine art wedding photography in 2012 on the foundation of genuine connection. She provides comfort for her clients through her down to earth personality and playfulness that allows them to show genuine interactions and emotions with one another in front of the camera. Capturing the essence of their relationship and the love they have for each other, with an editorial composition.

At home, Dawn is a wife and mother, living on a ranch in North Carolina. Spending quality time with family and dear friends, traveling, and having experiences is what drives her. Her family also fosters children and is active in fighting for all foster kids and their needs. 
Being able to have fun with her family, travel and share experiences is all because of the blessings God has given her and never taken for granted.

my approach IS SIMPLY THIS:


I want to provide you with breathtaking photographs of your wedding celebrations that bring you right back to the feelings you had in the moment. In order to do this, I work with you and your team in preparation before the wedding so that I understand the details and your desires. Come wedding day, I am fully prepared and you can relax and feel comfortable trusting me to capture the day.

My approach to your wedding is blending loosely styled moments, directing you to the best light and stances and guiding moments or letting them happen naturally, with authentic candid moments as they happen. The entire process is meant to be enjoyable, simple and fun so that you don't have to worry about your photography and you can enjoy all of the celebrations.



— lisa & greg

To say Dawn has an amazing talent would be an understatement! She has such an eye for the beauty around us and takes phenomenal pictures!

THEY ARE TRULY                                           



At your wedding, you appreciate the details that go into curating a perfect day for the two of you, and a wonderful time for your family and friends. You just want to enjoy every moment together and with your guests, and know that the team you built will execute your vision flawlessly. You deserve to have an amazing day celebrating the fact that you just married the person of your dreams and you are starting the rest of your lives together. You deserve elegant, timeless photography that will soon replace the memories of the day, and be the cherished tangible moments you have for a lifetime.

In life, you seek experiences and travel, you appreciate the beauty around you, and you just want to have fun together. 

You want a once in a lifetime experience at your wedding with your family and friends all around you celebrating together, but even more importantly you want a once in a lifetime marriage.  


I am known to be down-to-earth yet playful, making it easy to connect with new people. I just need you to make the first move. Fill out the inquiry form and we can start chatting all about your day.

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